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Just finished our talk at Ruby en Rails

By Ninh Bui on June 10th, 2008

Man, hardest talk ever, glad it went okay, now I can head off to bed… soon 😉
For those of you guys that didn’t have the chance to attend Ruby en Rails 2008, we’ve taken the liberty of uploading our presentation files.

PDF Version
SWF Version (with toned down animations)

Getting back to Charles Nutter’s talk now 🙂

  • Harm

    Thanks guys for the wonderful presentation! And thanks for pointing out the ‘initial hit’ fix.

  • Ward Bekker

    Thnx for the nice t-shirt 😉

  • Ninh Bui

    No, thank you guys for being such an awesome audience 🙂

    Well, you earned it fair and square Ward 🙂

  • Roderick van Domburg

    Thanks for your presentation at RubyEnRails 2008. Would be interesting to see some numbers against the JRuby deployment scenario. Seems like Charles is picking up on the competition, both in terms of performance and ease of deployment.

    (Ninh — sorry for the double post. I suppose that this is the place where it really belongs.)