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Passenger (mod_rails) 1.0.5 released

By Hongli Lai on May 7th, 2008

Passenger version 1.0.5 has just been released. Because of time constraints we haven’t had time to write announcements for 1.0.3 and 1.0.4, so here’s a summary of changes in 1.0.3, 1.0.4 and 1.0.5:

Fixed MacOS X support, this time for real

1.0.2 fixed compatibility for MacOS X. Unfortunately, the fix broke 64-bit Linux. 1.0.4 fixed support for 64-bit Linux, but that fix broke MacOS X again.

1.0.5 fixes support for MacOS X *and* 64-bit Linux. It hadn’t been easy to get this right, and we kindly thank all the testers who have helped us with this. 🙂

Note to C/C++ developers: if you’re looking for cross-platform file descriptor passing code, please feel free to copy & paste it from Passenger’s source code. Every single code example about file descriptor passing that we could find on the Internet, has portability problems (= works on 64-bit Linux but not 64-bit OS X, or vice versa). We believe that we’ve solved all those portability issues.

Fixed support for Ruby on Rails 1.2
Version 1.0.2 broke support for Ruby on Rails 1.2, because it used a feature that only 2.0 and up has. Version 1.0.3 fixed this problem.

How do I upgrade?

Just install it like you did the first time:

gem install passenger



Please don’t forget to copy & paste the Apache config snippet that the installer gives you.

At the time of writing, RubyForge is still busy updating all their gem mirror servers. So if gem install passenger didn’t work for you, then please download it from HTTP at: