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Super premium limited Phusion t-shirts!!!

By Ninh Bui on May 8th, 2008

Silkscreen printed on 210 grams super premium shirts… only 60 of 100 left people! More info about acquiring one of these bad boys will follow soon 😉

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  • rob

    Who did the logo?

  • roy

    Who to get them and who did the piece?

  • The piece was a collaboration between Jens Jorritsma and myself 🙂
    Shirts are limited to 100, and are exclusively for friends of Phusion, and to shamelessly namedrop a few: Geoffrey Grosenbach, Fabio Akita, Zed Shaw, Obie Fernandez, DHH, Tim Bray, Charles Nutter etc… are already rocking these babies 😉 Through donation, we sometimes randomly pick people for a Phusion t-shirt, though people who’ve donated generously, e.g. >= 200 USD, those people definitely get a shirt. I’m planning on shipping the first batch this week actually 🙂