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Building native Linux packages for Passenger is now possible

By Hongli Lai on May 13th, 2008

Some people say that they won’t install Passenger until native Linux packages are available.

Well, we’ve made some modifications to Passenger to make packagers’ lives a bit easier:

  • There’s now a Rake task called fakeroot. This generates a directory hierarchy in pkg/fakeroot, which can be directly turned into a native package.
  • There’s also a package:debian task which generates a Debian package. But this Debian package is very generic. For example, it doesn’t specify any dependencies at all, because:
    • Passenger requires fastthread, and Debian doesn’t provide a native package for that.
    • Lots of people have Ruby and/or Apache installed from source.

Despite that, our Debian package specification files can be used as a base for packagers who wish to create more distribution-specific packages.

We’re looking for volunteers who wish to maintain packages for their distribution. Packagers should:

  • package early, package often. Native packages should follow as soon as possible after a Passenger release. Or – preferably – be released at the same time.
  • test early, test often. Packagers should test our development version from time to time to verify that generated packages still work.
  • drink beer with us. 😉

Needless to say, the more Linux packages we can put on our website, the better. Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer. Thanks. 🙂