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RailsConf 2008 was great

By Hongli Lai on June 2nd, 2008

Hi guys.

RailsConf 2008 was great, and our talk on Phusion Passenger and Ruby Enterprise Edition went really well. Fabio Akita has some pictures of our talk. For other pictures, see Fabio’s .mac gallery!

We promised to release Passenger 2.0 and Ruby Enterprise Edition on the same day. Unfortunately we’ve been too optimistic about Internet access. We’re currently at the airport and we have limited internet access until we are back in the Netherlands (which should be in about 4 days or so), but in the meantime, the Passenger version with Rack and WSGI support has already been pushed to github, so feel free to tinker around with it. We’ve also put the latest Users Guide (with Rack support) online.
Thanks for the support Chad!

We’re trying our best to find a way to push out Ruby Enterprise Edition as well, and ask the hardcopy guys to not release it prior to the moment that we’re able to push it (which should be in about 4 days). This launch will also be accompanied by a site etc… Feel free to blog about it though, and the reason why we’re asking this is because we want to keep the support at Phusion related places. This will prevent any ‘noise’ in communication.

Thanks for the support mateys!

Hongli Lai
Tinco Andringa
Ninh Bui