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3/5th of Phusion at Apple

By Ninh Bui on June 4th, 2008

Today, we were invited by Laurent Sansonetti of Apple to visit them over there. Needless to say, IT, WAS, AWESOME! Laurent is an awesome guy, and we had a lot of fun hanging out with him and Thomas, so if you’re reading this, we’re looking forward to meeting up with you guys soon again!

Pictures probably say more than words, so see below. 😀

More to come in the following days, as we’re currently heading off to bed.

Hongli Lai
Tinco Andringa
Ninh Bui

P.S. Yes, I’m aware of the fact that the thumbs up thing is going to become my trademark 😉 Just be happy that you haven’t seen a thumbs down yet 😉

  • Damn, you guys are having all the fun…. 😉

    Rock on and thumbs up for all the hard work though, hope you’re enjoying yourselves!


  • Thanks for coming, it was great to finally meet you and discuss 🙂
    Have a safe flight back to the Netherlands!


    PS: what’s the name of that Dutch white beer? 🙂

  • Hey Laurent,

    Likewise, I really enjoyed our little meetup. Still trying to sleep off the jetlag.

    The dutch white beer is called “Korenwolf”, but don’t worry, I’ll try to ship you a case with your phusion shirts asap 😉