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Phusion Passenger 2.2.7 released

By Hongli Lai on November 18th, 2009

Sorry, I made a mistake while releasing 2.2.6. In the past few days we’ve closed about 30 issues in our issue tracker, but in the mids of it I forgot to remove a single line of debugging code in passenger-install-apache2-module, causing it not to compile the Apache module. I’ve just released 2.2.7 which fixes this problem, and it should be indexed by RubyForge any time now. Our apologies again for the inconvenience.

  • So it’s been ~2 hours since the tweet about this issue, and ‘gem update’ still reports no gems to update, with Passenger only available as 2.2.6. I think I read somewhere that RubyForge turned off their gem indexing before the merge with Gemcutter. So you might want to push to Gemcutter instead of RubyForge.

  • You guys might want to jump on the Gemcutter bandwagon. It’s still not available on Rubyforge yet.

  • tvw

    It seems as if the gem has no size on rubyforge. When I download it, I get an empty file.

  • Yeah, the gem somehow got corrupted during upload. It’s been re-uploaded now.

  • tvw

    Thanks, I already successfully installed it twice.

  • Thank you for the quick fix!

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  • Michael Hasenstein

    This statement in my Apache config file is no longer honored after upgrading to 2.2.7 (from 2.2.5):

    PassengerEnabled Off
    ErrorDocument 404 /img/file-not-found.gif

    (As you can see it lets Apache serve a default-image if none can be found, instead of letting Rails render a “page not found” page)

  • Michael Hasenstein

    Okay, two lines where removed, I try again using square brackets:

    [Directory /home/mha/Letexa-RoR/public/img]
    PassengerEnabled Off
    ErrorDocument 404 /img/file-not-found.gif

  • I upgraded from 2.2.5 to 2.2.7 today and suddenly Passenger is loading the development environment instead of the staging environment, as I have defined in the apache virtual host configuration ( RailsEnv staging ). I’ve used this configuration successfully on numerous Passenger installations with several Rails apps. Did something change in 2.2.7?

  • It compiles successfully for me but…
    Can someone tell me how it is possible to override the -march and the -mtune parameters? It seems the xxxFLAGS env parameters are not take in account, why ? I think it’s better to use ‘native’ for the two instead of some specific hardware version (ix86).