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Union Station beta registration temporarily closed due to overwhelming success (aka capacity issues ;-))

By Ninh Bui on March 3rd, 2011

After launching the public beta to Union Station yesterday afternoon, we saw sign ups ramp up fairly quickly. As we were nearing the 1000 beta user limit in a matter of hours, we noticed some very popular mainstream sites (you know who you are 😉 ) signing up for the beta as well. Due to this overwhelming success and the size of some of the monitored sites, we’ve been unable to accurately anticipate for the hardware requirements for this beta. Even though we’re thrilled to see so many exciting companies and individuals already making use of the beta of Union Station, it has unfortunately started to negatively affect the user experience for our beta testers as well. In particular, it appears the UI is not showing the most recent metrics for some of our beta testers as this data is still being processed in the background.

In our effort to get the best user experience for our beta testers, we’re looking into expanding our capacity and new hardware is already underway. In the mean time, we’ve unfortunately had to start temporarily disabling accounts until we get the new hardware in place and set up to move over those accounts.

This also means that we’re unfortunately not able to accept new Union Station beta registrations for the time being. We’re working around the clock however to fix this and would like to offer you our apologies for this (temporary) inconvenience. Please bear with us!

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