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New Phusion Passenger documentation pages

By Hongli Lai on April 15th, 2012

The Phusion Passenger documentation is written with the excellent Asciidoc tool, which Git also uses for its manual pages. The output looks good but it’s nothing too fancy. There were a few features that we’ve wanted for a while but aren’t available in Asciidoc. We’ve written a wrapper tool around Asciidoc called Mizuho, which provides these features.

Today, we present you with the new Phusion Passenger documentation pages.

Top bar with useful shortcuts

enter image description here

The new documentation has a top bar which gives you quick access to the table of contents. It also tells you where in the documentation you are. Scroll down in the documentation, you’ll see the top bar’s title updating itself accordingly.

Per-section comments

enter image description here

You can now comment on a section by clicking on the bubble on the left of a section title. Comments are powered by Juvia.

The documentation