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Laurent Sansonetti of RubyMotion fame to speak at BubbleConf 2012

By Ninh Bui on June 27th, 2012

A week ago, we announced BubbleConf 2012 Amsterdam, a conference for IT tech startups we’re organizing with Nedap and Teixido on design, development, legal aspects and experience sharing. This conference provides the opportunity to learn about many aspects of starting up a tech company, to grow your skill set if you already have a company, and to expand your network. This is made possible by our array of prominent speakers but also through contact with numerous other like-minded people.

BubbleConf 2012 will be held in the monumental Tuschinski theater and we’re pretty excited in making this the best conference ever held in Amsterdam. Don’t forget to get your ticket today to enjoy the early bird discount as this offer will only run for a limited time. Ticket sales are picking up nicely so don’t miss out!

As outlined in our initial blog post, we will be blogging about setting up a conference of this size as well as announcing a new speaker on a weekly basis.


This week, I have the great pleasure of announcing Laurent Sansonetti of HipByte fame as a speaker at BubbleConf. After having worked as a senior engineer at Apple for over 7 years on iLife and OS X, Laurent recently made his move into startup land by revolutionizing iOS development through the use of Ruby with RubyMotion.

He’ll be speaking about how he set up the business in a bootstrapped manner and the hurdles he and his wife Stephanie had to overcome in realizing this dream while being a first-time dad of their now 2 year old son Alexis. Not only will he be touching on the business side of RubyMotion, but he’ll also answer your technical questions on RubyMotion. In short, this talk looks to be a real treat for both entrepreneurs and hardcore developers.

With Zed Shaw and Juanma Teixido already announced, that brings our number of announced speakers to 3 with about 5 left to go! If you’re a designer, I’d keep a close eye out on this announcement as we’ll be inviting arguably one of the most respected icon designers in the world to come speak about what makes them so awesome.

  • Laurent Sansonetti (RubyMotion)

    Laurent is the founder of HipByte, a software tools startup that recently launched RubyMotion, a toolchain for iOS development in Ruby.

    He worked at Apple for 7 years as a senior software engineer, on both iLife and OS X. A long time rubyist, he created and still maintains the MacRuby project. In a previous life, he worked on IDA Pro and was an active contributor to RubyCocoa and GNOME.

  • Zed Shaw (Learn Code The Hard Way)
    Zed A. Shaw is a prolific programmer who recently gave up coding for various startups, governments, universities, and mega-corps to work on a small business helping people learn to code. His “Learn Code The Hard Way” series has been read by over a million people from all over the world. This is really all an excuse to get to play guitar whenever he’s not writing.

  • Juanma Teixidó (Teixido)

    Juanma Teixidó, award-winning Designer since 1994 spent the last 10 years co-founding and building agencies from the ground-up. Since then his client base grew to include Nike, The United Nations, Nedap among others. These days you can find him on Twitter chirping about all things design.

  • …and about 5 more epic speakers to be announced. Stay tuned, as we’ll be announcing a new speaker every week.


BubbleConf is going to be attended by people who are actively looking to invent the next big thing since sliced bread. They are highly motivated developers and designers working on startups that may very well turn out to change our way of living. Sponsoring this event provides your company with a unique opportunity to reach out to these startups and connect with them from an early stage on out. It also allows us to make this event even more epic than we’ve already got in the works.

If you’re interested in sponsoring this event, contact us via email and let’s talk. Please add the word “notspam” to the email to bypass our spam filter.

Hope to see you October 12th!

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