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BubbleConf early bird deadline extended

By Hongli Lai on July 20th, 2012

A month ago, we announced BubbleConf 2012 Amsterdam, a conference for IT tech startups we’re organizing with Nedap and Teixido on design, development, legal aspects and experience sharing. This conference provides the opportunity to learn about many aspects of starting up a tech company, to grow your skill set if you already have a company, and to expand your network. This is made possible by our array of prominent speakers but also through contact with numerous other like-minded people.

Two weeks ago we announced a closing date for early bird tickets. In hindsight the timing is suboptimal considering that we’re in the middle of summer holidays and we’re in the middle of a product launch (Phusion Passenger Enterprise!). As such, we’ve decided to extend the closing date by 2 weeks, to August 2 2012.

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