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Alexander Klöpping, Ernst-Jan Pfauth and Renato Valdés Olmos to speak at BubbleConf 2012

By Ninh Bui on August 30th, 2012

BubbleConf: One day of ideas and action with the brightest minds from tech, design, UX and business.

In little over a month from now, we’ll be opening the doors to BubbleConf 2012, our very first conference for tech startups on design, development and entrepreneurship. BubbleConf will be held in the beautiful Tuschinski theater in Amsterdam and we’re extremely excited to be part of this event together with Nedap and Teixido.

In the past few weeks, we’ve announced speakers active in the field of design, development and entrepreneurship. Incidentally however, we’ve mostly been looking for speakers from abroad, even though there are plenty of exciting startups in the Netherlands as well. In an effort to showcase this, we’ve invited some of the more well known Dutch startup founders and journalists to come speak at BubbleConf on their experiences in “Amsterdam Valley”.

It is with great pleasure that we’re able to announce Alexander Klöpping, Ernst-Jan Pfauth and Renato Valdés Olmos as speakers at BubbleConf 2012. This week’s announcement is brought to you by Irene Poppe of Nedap.

But first, a word from our sponsor

We are proud to have managed hosting provider True on board. Last decade they have been involved in the rise of big Dutch start-ups; True assisted websites like AFAS Personal, Symbaloo, Hyves, Flabber and Tweakers in their road from startup to one of the biggest sites in the Netherlands. Thats why True wants to celebrate entrepreneurship with us and learn from each other to grow as online entrepreneurs.

Alexander Klöpping

Alexander is one of those Generation Y people that cycles with Google Maps, reads books on his
phone and always carries at least 5 gadgets. He has a nose for trends on the Web and in tech. The
Gadget Company
, his start-up, embodies his ability to always know what we, the consumers, like!
Alex also writes columns about trends for several Dutch magazines and newspapers and shares his
knowledge with the Dutch citizens as a regular guest at the popular daily Dutch television show: “De
wereld draait door”

Read more about Alexander Klöpping at The Next Speaker or follow @AlexanderNL on Twitter

Renato Valdés Olmos

Renato Valdes Olmos

Renato is a Dutch entrepeneur with a keen eye for design. Nowadays, you can find him working on, a startup focused on building tools that help people stay balanced and in control of their health data. Prior to founding, he has worked on digitalizing business cards through Cardcloud. He is also known for his design agency Postmachina, through which he has done work for the likes of Amazon. Renato has a Master’s degree in Interaction Design, but is more and more devoted to growing his teams in Amsterdam, New York and San Francisco. As an experienced founder of start-ups and as co-founder of Dutch entrepreneurial collective STIKK he advices startups on product design, marketing and fundraising.

Read more about Renato Valdés Olomos at The Next Speaker or follow @renn on Twitter

Ernst-Jan Pfauth

Ernst-Jan has a passion for blogging since he wrote his first blog in 2006 and got awarded for some blogs. He still writes his own blogs, but he’s doing more: he spends his time writing columns for the Dutch blog or hosting the Dutch talk show Literaturfest, a talk show about the favorite books of the show’s guests, like actors, writers, politicians and musicians. He also co-founded Brainsley, a tool for users to share their favorite links within their areas of expertise. Ernst-Jan initiates start-ups as Brainsley to fulfill his purpose in life: to organize the Web. Besides that Ernst-Jan wrote a book about blogging: Sex, Blogs & Rock-’n-roll.

Ernst-Jan will be a panel host at BubbleConf.

Read more about Ernst-Jan Pfauth or follow @ejpfauth on Twitter

Recap of the other speakers

  • Mike Lee (Appsterdam)

    Mike is the Mayor and founder of Appsterdam, the best place in the world to be and become an App Maker. He is also a legendary product engineer and world’s toughest programmer. He has worked on apps for Alaska Airlines, Delicious Monster, Tapulous, United Lemur, Apple, and Nextive, producing such hits as Delicious Library, Tap Tap Revenge, Obama ’08, and Apple’s Mobile Store.

  • Andreaa Chelaru (Frog Amsterdam)

    Andreea has been involved in high profile projects around mobile music, teleconferencing and contact center software. In her work, she values understanding the users, their instincts and patterns of behavior and always designs compelling solutions with real people in mind.

    Previously, Andreea was part of a core team in Nokia responsible for bringing touch interactions to mainstream products, working directly on Nokia’s first successful touch phone (5800 express music) which was sold in 13 million units worldwide. She was also one of the three people who started up the Helsinki office of Fjord Design, where she worked for clients such as Nokia, Yahoo, Nokia Siemens Networks, Vodafone and F-Secure.

    Andreea holds a Masters in Interaction Design from Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, a reputable school set up by former Royal College of Art and Stanford faculty, together with members of the industry coming from IDEO, Nokia, Orange, and Hitachi.

  • Enrica Masi (Frog Amsterdam)

    Enrica is a 25 year old Italian interaction designer at Frog Amsterdam with an industrial design background from the Technical University of Delft. She has a passion for information design and visual thinking. At frog she is a visual storyteller where she designs experiences by telling stories.

  • mr. Egin E. Lengton (LengtonLegal)

    mr. Egin Lengton (42) is owner of Lengton Legal; a company specialized in ICT and law. Lengton specializes in Internet law, copyright law, trademarks, ICT-contracts and licenses, general terms and conditions, e-commerce, privacy law and cloud computing. He is a consultant for SME’s and start-ups in the ICT business. Lengton is also a part time lecturer at Arnhem Business School (a HAN University of Applied Sciences faculty) and (co) author of various study books.

  • Anton Zykin (SoftFacade)

    Anton is the CEO and cofounder of SoftFacade, an interaction design and development firm that creates beautiful and memorable experiences– mobile apps, websites and everything in between. Everything that SoftFacade produces can be described with the only word –”WOW!”. Anton believes that good design is what people can use and enjoy using.

  • Laurent Sansonetti (RubyMotion)

    Laurent is the founder of HipByte, a software tools startup that recently launched RubyMotion, a toolchain for iOS development in Ruby.

    He worked at Apple for 7 years as a senior software engineer, on both iLife and OS X. A long time rubyist, he created and still maintains the MacRuby project. In a previous life, he worked on IDA Pro and was an active contributor to RubyCocoa and GNOME.

  • Zed Shaw (Learn Code The Hard Way)

    Zed A. Shaw is a prolific programmer who recently gave up coding for various startups, governments, universities, and mega-corps to work on a small business helping people learn to code. His “Learn Code The Hard Way” series has been read by over a million people from all over the world. This is really all an excuse to get to play guitar whenever he’s not writing.

  • Juanma Teixidó (Teixido)

    Juanma Teixidó, award-winning Designer since 1994 spent the last 10 years co-founding and building agencies from the ground-up. Since then his client base grew to include Nike, The United Nations, Nedap among others. These days you can find him on Twitter chirping about all things design.

Hope to see you October 12th!

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