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Announcing the Lightning Talk Speakers

By Tinco Andringa on October 9th, 2012

BubbleConf: One day of ideas and action with the most vocal minds from tech, design, UX and business.

At the end of this week BubbleConf 2012, our very first conference for tech startups on design, development and entrepreneurship will finally take place. BubbleConf will be held in the beautiful Tuschinski theater in Amsterdam and we’re extremely excited to be part of this event together with Nedap and Teixido.

Ticket sales end on Wednesday!

Be sure to get your tickets now! The sales close on wednesday night and you wouldn’t want to miss this conference!

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We’ve had a great response to our call for lightning speakers, so much so that we had to make some tough decisions, but we picked out the best for you. From the awesome submissions we have made a selection of talks we think are most interesting to the BubbleConf audience. These are the 8 lightning inspirers:

Sytse Sijbrandij

Sytse Sijbrandij: Launching in reverse order

He’s been a entrepreneur ever since he started his engineering study. He has started companies that made infrared receivers, recreational submarines and content sites. In September he started that will make version management open and free.
The talk will be about compressing the time it takes to validate your startup. Most people heard about running a lean startup but how do you execute on that? He’ll share the story of that involves announcing before building, being ashamed of what you put online and automating everything.

Berry Groenendijk

Berry Groenendijk: Lean business Innovation

Berry, as an information architect and project manager, more than 13 years of online services designed for the publishing industry. Berry was one of the founders of
Combining techniques Lean Startup, Service Design, User Experience and Lean technology will bring a idea to a working proven product. Creative, fast and lean methods and the involvement of the end-user in the process gives a very short feedback loop. We call this Lean Business Innovation!

Paul Brinkkemper

Paul Brinkkemper: The Making of Money Maker

Between being born in 1985 and today, Paul Brinkkemper picked up a curious mind and the ability to turn ideas into reality. Back in 2008 Paul ate the red pill and came to understand that what really happens in the world is not exactly the same as what gets taught in school and written in newspapers. Ever since, he is on a quest, to find and seek the holy grail, and to spread the gospel of honest money.
Paul will describe his inquiry into the reality of money and the translation of this into a documentary video game. Warning: may cause shattering of paradigms.

Raul Portales

Raul Portales: The piracy on apps

An entrepreneur who is focused on Android development. He has over 5 years of experience in mobile in
several products and companies. His work goes from Team Leader at Hyves, where he created their Android
application from the scratch to freelancing for companies as Layar or Fashiolista.
There is a lot of complains about the amount of piracy that exists in mobile apps, especially on Android. Some big companies even decided to move towards Free2Play games to work around it. In the talk he will present present what you can do and can not do about it, explaining why in the end you should NOT be worried by it.

Fabio Akita

Fabio Akita: Origins of the Brazilian Ruby community

Brazil is today a significant technology market and community. Rubyconf Brazil 2012 alone was able to have 750 attendees + 600 people watching online in real time. And it’s the 5th big Ruby conference in a row. We started having almost zero developers and zero companies using Ruby back in 2006. To give a perspective for the significance of this new market, Fabio was able to start a new Ruby software boutique called Codeminer 42 just a year ago, with only 5 people (3 co-founders included) and they are now close to 50 employees in 3 different cities in the country. In this lightning Fabio will highlight some of the key actions that led to the creation of one of the most influential development communities in Latin America.

Mick Niepoth

Mick Niepoth: Condé Nast’s nightmare

Mick Niepoth works at Readmore. Readmore is a website where everyone can start a professional digital magazine. Readmore takes care of everything, including revenue, so that the user can do what he does best; creating content.

He will show how Readmore is re-inventing the publishing industry by telling the story of three girls who started writing about the fashion they liked and quickly got more readers than Esquire.

Joshua Ballanco

Joshua Ballanco: Something Obviously Awesome

Somehow Joshua Ballanco always manages to find a way to work on complex systems, whether it’s building components of OS X Server at Apple, scaling up a hyperlocal news platform at AOL, or researching the mechanics of evolution for his doctoral dissertation. These days, Josh is working with the awesome engineers at ELC Technologies to build scalable, SOA-based systems for clients of all sizes in a variety of different industries.

You can’t help but hear everyone talk about SOA-this and SOA-that…but what does SOA mean for you? Is it just another buzz-word? Or is it something you need to actually pay attention to? This quick overview will provide some perspective on all the attention SOA has received lately, and will hopefully leave you with a better handle on how concerned you need to be.

Robert Wendrich

Robert Wendrich: Rawshaping Technology

Robert Wendrich is project founder and researcher of the project Rawshaping Technology [RST] work done in the Intuitive Design, Interaction + Simulation Laboratory at University of Twente in the Netherlands.
Imagination, creativity and innovation buzzwords are strangling the mind of the creative imaginative design industry. Rawshaping Technology brings back the fun, excitement, unexpected and unpredictable events into design processing with the implementation of hybrid design tools. User interaction and tool use that set off the wheels of causality and spur the inventiveness, intuition and ingenuity to externalize ideas, thoughts and fuzzy notions during the ideation process.

BubbleConf is sponsored by True

We are proud to have managed hosting provider True on board. Last decade they have been involved in the rise of big Dutch start-ups; True assisted websites like AFAS Personal, Symbaloo, Hyves, Flabber and Tweakers in their road from startup to one of the biggest sites in the Netherlands. Thats why True wants to celebrate entrepreneurship with us and learn from each other to grow as online entrepreneurs.

Greetings from the BubbleConf team

Hope to see you on October 12th!

Interested in finding out who’s going? Meet a few of our attendees below!

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