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Zed Shaw to Give His Final Talk at BubbleConf 2013

By Ninh Bui on May 28th, 2013

BubbleConf: One day of ideas and action with the most vocal minds from tech, design, UX and business.

BubbleConf is a conference for today’s tech startups on design, development and entrepreneurship by Nedap and Phusion. We aim to bring together developers, designers and entrepreneurs from all over Europe to share their knowledge and war stories with one another. With about 400 attendees last year, we hope to see you at this year’s edition in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam on September 27th!


Zed A. Shaw - Senor Developer

Zed A. Shaw – Senor Developer —

Zed A. Shaw is a prolific programmer who gave up coding for various startups, governments, universities, and mega-corps to work on a small business helping people learn to code. His “Learn Code The Hard Way” series has been read by over a million people from all over the world. This is really all an excuse to get to play guitar whenever he’s not writing. Zed will be retiring from speaking at tech conferences and will be giving his final talk at BubbleConf:

I’m retiring from speaking at tech conferences. My last one will be Bubbleconf and
I’m going to lay it all out in a talk titled “The Art Of The Con: Memoirs Of A
Conference Trophy Nerd”. If you want to see an epic fucking blowout then come
to Bubbleconf 2013 and watch me set this bitch on fire while I walk out of the
scene with a big “fuck you, and thanks for all fish”. After that I’m putting
*myself* on a blacklist for bad speakers and working to keep abusive or shitty
public speakers out of the conference circuit while starting a training program
for geeks who want to learn public speaking.


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