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Phusion Passenger DOES support Ruby 2.0

By Hongli Lai on June 6th, 2013

We’ve lately encountered some confusion among users about whether Phusion Passenger supports Ruby 2.0. In the announcement for Release Candidate 2 we mentioned that we had problems with Ruby 2.0, but unfortunately we didn’t word that accurately enough, which caused confusion among users. We hope that this blog post will clear things up.

  • Phusion Passenger does support Ruby 2.0, since version 4.0.0.
  • In the RC 2 announcement we merely claimed that we encountered a lot of bugs (for example this one) in Ruby 2.0.0 itself, and that we therefore would not recommend using Ruby 2.0.0 yet. These bugs have got nothing to do with Phusion Passenger. Phusion Passenger supports Ruby 2.0.0 regardless of what bugs Ruby 2.0.0 has.
  • A lot of Ruby 2.0.0 bugs have been fixed in 2.0.0-p195, but not all. We still get segmentation faults on OS X when using Ruby 2.0.0, with and without Phusion Passenger. These bugs are not incompatibility problems with Phusion Passenger, but are bugs in Ruby 2.0.0. We therefore cannot recommend Ruby 2.0.0 yet, but it’s possible that it works fine for you. You are free to use Ruby 2.0.0 with Phusion Passenger if you so choose.

Update: it looks like manually installing from the tarball makes the crash go away. This makes it likely that the crash was caused by RVM’s compilation process. Thanks a lot for the help by @nalsh.