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Fingertips’ Founder Thijs van der Vossen to Speak at BubbleConf 2013

By Ninh Bui on August 2nd, 2013

BubbleConf: One day of ideas and action with the most vocal minds from tech, design, UX and business.

BubbleConf is a conference for today’s tech startups on design, development and entrepreneurship by Nedap and Phusion. We aim to bring together developers, designers and entrepreneurs from all over Europe to share their knowledge and war stories with one another. With about 400 attendees last year, we hope to see you at this year’s edition in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam on September 27th!

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Thijs van der Vossen runs one of the more well known consultancies in the Ruby and Rails community. His company has worked for the likes of 37signals, Prada, Volkswagen and many more. Phusion once started out as a consultancy as well, and during that time, we’ve gained a lot of experience in working with customers and bootstrapping: competencies that proved to be invaluable when we made the switch to being a product-only company. With about over a decade of experience, Thijs has been in the consulting business a lot longer than most of us have and we feel his story could help you run your own business better as well. Be it either negotiating the right terms and prices to marketing/pitching ideas to prospective clients, these are things that will be applicable both to consultancies and tech startups alike.

Thijs van der Vossen

Thijs van der Vossen
Thijs is a designer and developer from Amsterdam. He runs Fingertips, a development and design consultancy which he grew from a tiny one-man shop into a slightly less small 4-man team over the last decade, steering the offices from his attic, through shared space, into the hold of a boat. Most of his spare time is spent with his wife and their two children. He also likes to solder.


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