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Apple Design Award Winner Pieter Omvlee of Bohemian Coding to speak at BubbleConf 2013

By Ninh Bui on August 12th, 2013

BubbleConf: One day of ideas and action with the most vocal minds from tech, design, UX and business.

BubbleConf is a conference for today’s tech startups on design, development and entrepreneurship by Nedap and Phusion. We aim to bring together developers, designers and entrepreneurs from all over Europe to share their knowledge and war stories with one another. With about 400 attendees last year, we hope to see you at this year’s edition in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam on September 27th!

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This week, we have yet another Apple Design Award winner to announce as a speaker at BubbleConf! Like last time, this speaker has won multiple Apple Design Awards for their deep understanding of combining engineering with design. We’re of course talking about the one and only Pieter Omvlee of Bohemian Coding.

Pieter and his company are out on a bootstrapped mission to take down some giants in this industry. To that end, he has developed the Apple Design Award winning application Sketch, which has already garnered much praise from some of the largest companies in the industry, some even going as far as calling it the one and only Photoshop contender.

Pieter’s talk will be about how they built Sketch at Bohemian Coding, and how they did it carefully and slowly. He’ll discuss building products in general, and how he ended up getting recognition and was suddenly trying to go up against Adobe. Related to that, he’ll have a look at music and design and try to get to grips with the fact that he’s just not good at doing certain things (according to himself). He hopes to show you that there are no magic tricks, and that it’s a matter of working hard and not taking yourself too seriously: this alone can get you a long way.

Pieter Omvlee

Pieter Omvlee

Pieter is the founder of Bohemian Coding where he mainly works on their Apple Design Award winning app ‘Sketch‘. Most of his day-to-day activities still involve programming, but has a keen interest in design and a reluctant involvement in the more business-y aspects of running a company. In the little spare time he has he likes to play (Classical) piano and rant about all that’s wrong in our little ecosystem.


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