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Facebook’s Jackson Gabbard to Speak at BubbleConf 2013

By Ninh Bui on August 22nd, 2013

BubbleConf: One day of ideas and action with the most vocal minds from tech, design, UX and business.

BubbleConf is a conference for today’s tech startups on design, development and entrepreneurship by Nedap and Phusion. We aim to bring together developers, designers and entrepreneurs from all over Europe to share their knowledge and war stories with one another. With about 400 attendees last year, we hope to see you at this year’s edition in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam on September 27th!

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This week, we’re super excited to announce that we’ll be having someone awesome from Facebook in the house again. This year, Jackson Gabbard will walk you through a day in the life of a coder at Facebook. And not just any coder, but a coder working on the infrastructure that makes Facebook available to over a billion users.

This talk differs from last year’s talk by Philip Su* in that it will focus a bit more on the technical nitty gritty of being an infrastructure coder at Facebook, while trying to touch upon what it’s like to work as a coder at Facebook.

Building a complex, multiplatform product like Facebook requires supporting systems that can scale to serve more than a billion people. Getting the most value out of every piece of infrastructure we build is one of the ways Facebook has managed to stay tiny compared to the number of people who use our services. Given that, it may be surprising to learn that the way we decide what tools and infrastructure to build is very organic, often driven by just a single person’s vision. This talk will make you an infrastructure coder at Facebook for a day and give you a chance to see how the women and men who make Facebook make Facebook.

Jackson Gabbard

Jackson Gabbard

Originally a member of the infrastructure team, Jackson has worked on Facebook for the mobile web, Facebook core JS libraries, the user interface engineering team, and the internal tools team. He helped build the first versions of Timeline for mobile devices and the mobile version of the Facebook App Center. Now living in the UK, he’s helping bootstrap the London engineering team.

Facebook’s Philip Su at BubbleConf 2012 on the “Facebook Hacker Culture”

In case you’ve missed Philip’s talk from last year, be sure to check out the video below!


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