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Phusion Passenger Enterprise gem server

By Hongli Lai on September 6th, 2013

It is now possible to install Phusion Passenger Enterprise through our gem server. Previously, customers were able to download the gem from the Customer Area and using HTTP basic authentication to automate gem downloads. As of today, customers can use the gem command, and even use gem tools such as Bundler to install Phusion Passenger Enterprise. This should also make installation automation a lot easier.

To install the Phusion Passenger Enterprise gem, run the following commands:

gem source --add
gem install passenger-enterprise-server

Here, you must substitute YOUR_DOWNLOAD_TOKEN with the one you find in the Customer Area.
And notice the trailing slash in the URL! It is very important.

Future plans and conclusion

We’ve been working a lot on packaging and distribution lately. Our goal is to make the installation of both of the open source and the Enterprise variant as easy as possible.

In the past few weeks, we’ve been working on eliminating the need to compile Phusion Passenger for all Linux users. This goal consists of multiple steps, but the first goal has already been met: installation Phusion Passenger Standalone no longer requires compilation for most Linux users. This is also the first step towards making Phusion Passenger work on Heroku.

In order to make installation easier for OS X users, we’ve also introduced a Homebrew recipe for Phusion Passenger. Every time we release a new Phusion Passenger version, the Homebrew recipe is automatically updated!

Our next step is to publish Debian/Ubuntu APT repositories for both the open source and the Enterprise variants of Phusion Passenger. The basic toolchain is now in place, and we are working on integrating the toolchain on our servers.

We would like to thank all our customers for using Phusion Passenger Enterprise and for supporting the continuous development of Phusion Passenger.