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Phusion Passenger 4.0.21 released, supports OS X Mavericks, JRuby 1.7.6

By Hongli Lai on October 23rd, 2013

Phusion Passenger is a fast and robust web server and application server for Ruby, Python and Node.js. It works by integrating into Apache and Nginx and turning them into a fully-featured application server. It has high-profile users such as New York Times, AirBnB, Juniper, Motorola, etc, and comes with many features that make your life easier and your application perform better.

Phusion Passenger is under constant maintenance and development. Version 4.0.21 is a bugfix release.

Phusion Passenger also has an Enterprise version which comes with a wide array of additional features. By buying Phusion Passenger Enterprise you will directly sponsor the development of the open source version.

Recent changes

  • Preliminary OS X Mavericks support. Note: if you’re having trouble installing, try reinstalling the Developer Tools.
  • Supports JRuby 1.7.6.
  • Open sourced Node.js support.
  • [Nginx] Upgraded the preferred Nginx version to 1.4.3.
  • Work around an Apache packaging bug in CentOS 5.
  • Various user friendliness improvements in the documentation and the installers.
  • Fixed a bug in the always_restart.txt support. Phusion Passenger was looking for it in the wrong directory.
  • Many Solaris and Sun Studio compatibility fixes. Special thanks to "mark" for his extensive assistance.
  • [Standalone] The –temp-dir command line option has been introduced.

Installing or upgrading to 4.0.21

OS X OS X Debian Debian Ubuntu Ubuntu
Heroku Heroku Ruby gem Ruby gem Tarball Tarball


Phusion Passenger’s core is open source. Please fork or watch us on Github. 🙂

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