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Phusion Passenger 4.0.33 released

By Hongli Lai on January 2nd, 2014

Phusion Passenger is a fast and robust web server and application server for Ruby, Python, Node.js and Meteor. Passenger takes a lot of complexity out of deploying web apps, and adds powerful enterprise-grade features that are useful in production. High-profile companies such as Apple, New York Times, AirBnB, Juniper, American Express, etc are already using it, as well as over 350.000 websites.

Phusion Passenger is under constant maintenance and development. Version 4.0.33 is a bugfix release.

Phusion Passenger also has an Enterprise version which comes with a wide array of additional features. By buying Phusion Passenger Enterprise you will directly sponsor the development of the open source version.

Recent changes

4.0.31 and 4.0.32 have been skipped because an incompatibility problem with very old Ruby versions was found by our build server shortly after tagging the releases. 4.0.32 fixes all those problems. The changes in 4.0.31, 4.0.32 and 4.0.33 combined are:

  • Introduced a new tool: passenger-config restart-app. With this command you can initiate an application restart without touching restart.txt. Unlike touching restart.txt, this tool initiates the restart immediately instead of on the next request.
  • Fixed some problems in process spawning and request handling.
  • Fixed some problems with the handling of HTTP chunked transfer encoding bodies. These problems only occurred in Ruby.
  • Fixed a compatibility problem in passenger-install-apache2-module with Ruby 1.8. The language selection menu didn’t work properly.
  • Fixed the HelperAgent, upon shutdown, not correctly waiting 5 seconds until all clients have disconnected. Fixes issue #884.
  • Fixed compilation problems on FreeBSD 10.
  • Fixed some C++ strict aliasing problems.
  • Fixed some problems with spawning applications that print messages without newline during startup. Fixes issue #1039.
  • Fixed potential hangs on JRuby when Ctrl-C is used to shutdown the server. Fixes issue #1035.
  • When Phusion Passenger is installed through the Debian package, passenger-install-apache2-module now checks whether the Apache module package (libapache2-mod-passenger) is properly installed, and installs it using apt-get if it’s not installed. Fixes issue #1031.
  • The passenger-status --show=xml command no longer prints the non-XML preamble, such as the version number and the time. Fixes issue #1037.
  • The Ruby native extension check whether it’s loaded against the right Ruby version, to prevent problems when people upgrade Ruby without recompiling their native extensions.
  • Various other minor Debian packaging improvements.

Installing or upgrading to 4.0.33

OS X OS X Debian Debian Ubuntu Ubuntu
Heroku Heroku Ruby gem Ruby gem Tarball Tarball


Phusion Passenger’s core is open source. Please fork or watch us on Github. 🙂

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