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Phusion Passenger 4.0.35 released

By Hongli Lai on January 16th, 2014

Version 4.0.34 has been skipped because it was an non-public release for QA purposes. The changes in 4.0.34 and 4.0.35 combined are:

  • The Node.js loader code now sets the isApplicationLoader attribute on the
    bootstrapping module. This provides a way for apps and frameworks that check
    for module.parent to check whether the current file is loaded by Phusion
    Passenger, or by other software that work in a similar way.

    This change has been introduced to solve a compatibility issue with CompoundJS.
    CompoundJS users should modify their server.js, and change the following:

    if (!module.parent) {


    if (!module.parent || module.parent.isApplicationLoader) {
  • Improved support for Meteor in development mode. Terminating Phusion Passenger
    now leaves less garbage Meteor processes behind.

  • It is now possible to disable the usage of the Ruby native extension by setting
    the environment variable PASSENGER_USE_RUBY_NATIVE_SUPPORT=0.
  • Fixed incorrect detection of the Apache MPM on Ubuntu 13.10.
  • When using RVM, if you set PassengerRuby/passenger_ruby to the raw Ruby binary
    instead of the wrapper script, Phusion Passenger will now print an error.
  • Added support for RVM >= 1.25 wrapper scripts.
  • Fixed loading passenger_native_support on Ruby 1.9.2.
  • The Union Station analytics code now works even without native_support.
  • Fixed passenger-install-apache2-module and passenger-install-nginx-module in
  • Binaries are now downloaded from an Amazon S3 mirror if the main binary server is unavailable.
  • And finally, although this isn’t really a change in 4.0.34, it should be noted.
    In version 4.0.33 we changed the way Phusion Passenger’s own Ruby source files
    are loaded, in order to fix some Debian and RPM packaging issues. The following
    doesn’t work anymore:

    require 'phusion_passenger/foo'

    Instead, it should become:

    PhusionPassenger.require_passenger_lib 'foo'

    However, we overlooked the fact that this change breaks Ruby apps which use
    our Out-of-Band GC feature, because such apps had to call
    require 'phusion_passenger/rack/out_of_band_gc'. Unfortunately we’re not able
    to maintain compatibility without reintroducing the Debian and RPM packaging
    issues. Users should modify the following:

    require 'phusion_passenger/rack/out_of_band_gc'


    if PhusionPassenger.respond_to?(:require_passenger_lib)
      # Phusion Passenger >= 4.0.33
      PhusionPassenger.require_passenger_lib 'rack/out_of_band_gc'
      # Phusion Passenger < 4.0.33
      require 'phusion_passenger/rack/out_of_band_gc'

Installing or upgrading to 4.0.35

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