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Ruby Rogues 143: Phusion Passenger Enterprise with Hongli Lai and Tinco Andringa

By Hongli Lai on February 12th, 2014

We’ve been invited by Ruby Rogues to participate in a podcast about Phusion Passenger Enterprise. This podcast covers the following topics:

  • Hongli Lai and Tinco Andringa Introductions
  • Phusion Passenger introduction
  • Rack
  • Node.js, MeteorJS, Python Support
  • Processes and Threads
    • Ruby Rogues Episode #58 – Book Club: Working with Unix Processes with Jesse Storimer
    • Ruby Enterprise Edition
    • Smart Spawning
  • Advantages of Phusion Passenger Enterprise
    • Rolling Restarts
    • Mass Deployment
  • Passenger vs Unicorn
  • Error Resistant Deploys
  • Hosting
    • DreamHost
  • Apache, Nginx support
  • Stability Issues
  • Documentation and Support

Listen to the podcast at the Ruby Rogues website

Thanks Ruby Rogues for hosting us!