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Considering dropping support for Rails 1.0-2.2

By Hongli Lai on September 2nd, 2014

We work very hard to maintain backward compatibility in Phusion Passenger. Even the latest version still supports Ruby 1.8.5 and Rails 1.0. We’ve finally reached a point where we believe dropping support for Rails 1.0-2.2 will benefit the quality of our codebase. Is there anybody here who would object to us dropping support for Rails 1.0-2.2? If so, please let us know by posting a comment. Rails 2.3 will still be supported.

  • Joe Shchmoe

    Our old, unsupported apps running on old unsupported versions of Rails would be alright running an old, unsupported version of Passenger. Thanks for the great work.

  • Exactly what Joe Shchmoe said. We also have some older apps that are still running on Passenger, though they tend to be on older servers also. I have no problems letting them continue to run without updating Passenger anymore. Go ahead and drop support! 🙂

  • Brennan Pang

    Agreed. As long as 2.3 is support for some time.

  • Josh Buysse

    Just make it a major version number drop, so it’s easy to grab the last 4.0.x version for those unfortunate places we need to use old apps (and so if there’s a major security hole found, we have a clear target to back port to or beg for a fix.)

  • Toño Silva Portell

    i’m agree, my oldest app is on 2.3. Thanks guys for such awesome product 🙂

  • adam

    please dont do it. that would make horrible situation for people providing hosting based on passenger as hosting customers are cows that don’t ever upgrade anything if they don’t have to.

  • Hi Adam. I understand your situation, but so far 99% of the users have voted “yes” to us dropping support. Supporting Rails < 2.3 places a considerable burden on us, both in money and in time. Having said that, maybe we can solve this with a commercial support contract. Would you be interested in this?